Something that’s been a part of the

north side of the City of Platteville

for over 50-years is gone.

The two towers for the transmitter

for WPVL-AM Radio…the former

WSWW-AM…were taken down today (Tuesday).

Brandon Naylor is with Tower Technologies,

the company that took them down.

He says the cold, Winter winds from

the northwest at 15-miles an hour

actually helped the process.



So what will become of the towers ???



One tower has been at the former

site of the radio station since 1958,

the other since 1961. They’ve been

replaced by two new towers for

WPVL-AM. Both are just under

200-feet in height and located at

the station’s new transmitter site.

That’s north of Platteville on the

Old Lancaster Road.

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