State Senator Dale Schultz has decided

not to seek reelection this year. We heard

this week from the veteran lawmaker that

2014 will be his last year as the State Senator

from southwest Wisconsin.

But we also learned that Schultz will not

endorse fellow G O P Howard Marklein

to replace him, if Marklein is nominated.

The reason. According to Schultz when

Marklein decided to “primary” him,

Marklein said it was because of the Senator’s

vote against Act-10, and his opposition to

legislation on mining in Wisconsin.



Schultz also says he will not endorse

any Democrat candidate that would be

nominated for the 17th Senate District seat.


As for Marklein, after hearing that

Senator Schultz won’t seek reelection,

he applauded the Senator on his successful

career in the State Senate. Marklein says

Schultz will be missed by his colleagues on both

sides of the aisle in the Wisconsin Legislature.


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