The battle over longevity pay for

city employees in Fennimore, continues.

That’s after the Fennimore Common

Council did not act at its’ Monday (12/23)

meeting, to override a veto by Mayor

Chuck Stenner. Stenner had vetoed a

motion passed by the Common Council

at its’ meeting on December 9th.

That motion had called for getting

rid of longevity pay for city employees.

But the same motion included pay

raises for city employees, so when the

Mayor vetoed the motion because it

eliminated longevity pay, he also got

rid of the pay raises.

On Monday (12/23) , the council passed

a new motion on a vote of 5-to-2.

It gives city employees in Fennimore

a 1% pay increase for next year.

The motion also increases the

employee pension contribution from

6.65% to 7%, and increases the health

insurance contribution for city employees

in Fennimore from 7.5% to 10%.

But once again, the motion calls for

eliminating longevity pay for city

employees at the start of next year.


In other action, the Fennimore Common

Council has set the wage for Parker Prochaska,

who helped operate the city’s wastewater

treatment plant during the week of

December 16th. Prochaska has worked

at the plant for the past few Summers

and is familiar with its’ operation.

He’ll be paid $15 per hour.

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