UW-Platteville’s enrollment growth in

students has given it the label of the fastest

growing comprehensive instiution in the

University of Wisconsin-System.

But in addition to the growth in the

number of students, the university has

become the “economic anchor” in the


“Economic anchor” are the words of

UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields,

and rightly so. A new study done by the

university shows UW-Platteville had an

estimated economic impact of

$275-million in southwest

Wisconsin during the 2011-2012 school

year, $394-million in the state.

Chancellor, Dennis Shields.

Other numbers from the study include…

the total direct expenditures in southwest

Wisconsin by UW-Platteville were

$123-million, households of UW-Platteville

employees spent just over $60-million

for goods and services in the region,

while students spent over $50-million and

visitors spent nearly $8-million.

And the increasing number of visitors to

UW-Platteville has made it one of the

region’s, top tourist attractions.

Lastly, the study showed the number of

jobs UW-Platteville brings to the area and

the state. For the area…4,300, for the



UW-Platteville does the impact studies

every four-to-five years, and university

officials say the 2011-2102 numbers

represented a large increase from the

previous study.


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