A woman from southwest Wisconsin

who has lived in Boston the past six-years

was close to the site of Monday’s first bomb

blast at the Boston Marathon. Two bombs

exploded Monday at the Marathon killing

three people and injuring close to 200.

Jess Galer works as a pharmacist at

Boston Children’s Hospital.

She was working as a volunteer at the

medical tent, not far from where the

bomb exploded.


Galer says while the scene has been

described as chaotic, she calls it an

organized chaos. She says that’s because

there are a lot of security and medical people

already near the finish line, that they

quickly responded to the crisis. She says

their response was amazing.

Galer says like many in Boston and across

the country, she’s going through a wide

range of emotions….and one of them is




Galer…a native of Fennimore…says because

of the incident, you feel a different

emotion every minute of the day.


Galer also says she lives very to close to

where this happened. But her residence

received no damage…and she wasn’t



Lastly, she says the incident also let people

see all the goodness in the world, how

so many people helped others in their

time of need.






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