The Midday Buffet

Hosted by: Dave Murphy

I’m Wisconsin born and bred, growing up near Madison. When I was 3 years old, I received my very first microphone (made out of wood) for Christmas. That’s when I was bitten by the radio “bug” and I started on the air (for real) shortly after my 16th birthday! I spent my first 17 years on the radio in Madison but in 2004 I grabbed a case of Miller Lite and hitched a ride east on a Brewers party bus and spent the next 15 years on Milwaukee radio. In 2019, I heard the giant Platteville “M” calling my name and eventually hope to convince everyone in the tri-state area that it actually stands for “Murphy!”

Mon-Fri | 10a-3p

I love all types of music…but especially country…and will share my passion for it with you on 97 – Seven Country WGLR’s “Midday Buffet.” When I’m not working, I’m the proverbial “family man” usually spending time with my wife, Jana, my daughters Riley, Lindsey & Julia and my sons Trent & David.