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Who says technology ends where

the pavement does.

Thanks to the Federal Stimulus

Bill…also known as the Federal

Recovery and Reinvestment Act…

two rural areas of southwest Wisconsin

will soon have broadband internet


Cindy Tomlinson is the Associate

Manager of Public Relations with

T D S Telecom.


Tomlinson says residents in Glen Haven

and North Andover will be gaining access

to high speed internet…while areas to

the north and southwest of Beetown

will also be getting broadband service.

That’s because eight-and-a-half miles

of fiber optic line is being installed

in those areas.

The grant T D S received is receiving

from the federal government is for

just under $1.5-million, while T D S is

investing just under $500,000. That’s

a matching grant of about 25%. The

project is costing  just under $2-million.

Tomlinson says T D S will also be

installing fiber optic line to bring

broadband service near Wyalusing

State Park, and to an area near