State Representative Travis Tranel

of Cuba City is in the hospital, after

he was overcome by silo

gas. Tranel has been in the hospital

since Tuesday, and is currently in

the Intensive Care Unit.

Tranel says he’s on oxygen and other

medications, and is expected

to be in the hospital for the

rest of the week.

He says there’s no permanent damage

to his lungs and respiratory system.

Tranel says it started after he

checked a silo on the farm on

Monday morning after milking.

He says he came down from the

silo and then went to Boscobel

to help with clean-up from the

flooding. He later went to another

event, and then noticed he was

having difficulty breathing. After

going home Tranel noticed he

was continue to have problems.

So his wife took him to the

hospital early Tuesday.

Tranel represents the 49th Assembly

District which includes Grant, Richland,

and Lafayette Counties.


Tranel says he’s grateful for the calls

and e-mails from area residents while

he’s in the hospital.



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