A registered sex offender has moved to

Lancaster recently, and is no longer being

supervised by the Wisconsin Department

of Corrections. However, Peter A. Weren

is subject to lifetime G-P-S monitoring and

is required to register with the Wisconsin

Sex Offender Registry Program for the rest

of his life. Weren told state officials after he

moved to Lancaster last Thursday (2/6),

he planned to move to Arizona in March.

He’s living on the south end of the city.

Weren was convicted in Outgamie County

in 1994, of two counts of first-degree sexual

assault of a child, was convicted in Winnebago

County in 2000 of two counts of sex with a

child that was 16 or older, and was also

convicted of fourth degree sexual assault in

Outgamie County in 2002. Authorities say

he had sexual contact with minors that knew

him. Lancaster Police say they talked with

Weren when he moved to the city,  about

the city’s sex offender loitering ordinance.

It was approved by the common council

last month.


By the way, Weren is the second sex offender

to move to Lancaster since that ordinance

was adopted.

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