The long-time State Senator from southwest

Wisconsin says the decision by State

Representative Howard Marklein to run for

State Senate in the 17th District next year, was


But State Senator Dale Schultz of Richland

Center says nothing surprises him any more,

after 30-years in the state legislature.

Schultz also says Marklein’s announcement

won’t change his timeline on whether or not

he’ll seek re-election.


Schultz says a decision on whether or not he’ll

seek re-election won’t be made until ¬†late

December or early January.


Schultz adds he’s focused on what on the

people of the 17th Senate District sent him to

Madison to do. That would include

fiscal responsibility with the state budget,

job creation and supporting education.


If Schultz decides to seek re-election, a key

issue between he and Marklein will be the

mining bill that recently passed the legislature.

Schultz says he voted against the mining bill

because of a survey he did of residents in his

district. Of the 2,700 responses, 74% agreed

with his position on the mining bill, while

15% agreed with the position that Marklein

had taken. Marklein voted for the mining bill.

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