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Southwest Wisconsin Senator Dale Schultz

says tax relief would be nice, but area

residents have told him what Governor

Scott Walker should do with the state’s

budget surplus.



Governor Walker has proposed using

some of surplus funds for tax relief.


Schultz has also called on the governor

to convene an energy task force, because

of the shortage of propane gas.

He says some residents have told him

because the cost of propane is so high,

they’ve had to decide between going

to work, eating, or heating their home.



A lawmaker from southwest Wisconsin

has asked Governor Walker to address the severe

shortage of propane gas in the state.

According to State Senator Dale Schultz

it’s a problem throughout the midwest.

Blame it on the cold and an extended corn




Prices for propane gas have soared in

recent weeks, going from $2.00 to now

over $4.00 a gallon.

Schultz is asking for Governor Walker to

convene an emergency energy task force

to put together a plan of action.

The State of Michigan has recently

declared a State of Emergency there,

because of the shortage of propane gas.