Police Departments in communities across the

country have been considering what to do, after

the tragic shootings at Newtown, Connecticut.

The Lancaster Police Department is included.

Lancaster Police Chief, Steve Zabel.



Zabel says the Lancaster Police Department

will be doing, regular, random  visits to

the schools as part of the daily routine.

Zabel says it’s so the students and staff are

accustomed to seeing officers in the building on

a regular basis, and  not just when someone is

in trouble. Zabel says the increased police visits

have the backing of school district

administration. While he says the ultimate goal

would be to have a Police Liason Officer in the

schools, funding gets in the way of it.

Zabel says the Lancaster Schools have never

had an incident like Newtown, and it’s important

to build a stronger bond and a safer

environment so nothing like it will happen.  

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