A man from rural Platteville who was facing over

100 charges in Grant County Court has reached a

plea deal with prosecutors. Court records show

45-year-old Robert Van Natta has been sentenced

to 15-years in prison with 10-years of extended

supervision on a charge of kidnapping.

Grant County Judge Robert VanDeHey

has also sentenced Van Natta on charges of

soliciting someone to commit murder,

obstructing an officer, and 40 misdemeanor

counts of having sex with a child age 16 or

older. However, those sentences are for smaller

terms, and are to be served concurrently with

the sentence for kidnapping.

Van Natta has been found guilty by

Judge VanDeHey on the soliciting murder

charge due to an Alford plea.

In addition, Judge Robert VanDeHey has found

Van Natta guilty on charges of obstructing an

officer, 40 charges of having sex with a child

age 16 or older, and kidnapping. That’s after

Van Natta pled no contest to those charges.

All other charges in the other cases have been

dismissed. That includes 54 felony counts of

child enticement and exposing his genitals to

to a child. Five charges that were dismissed were

used as read-ins in his sentencing, including

three felony bail jumping charges and one

charge of false imprisonment and one charge

of illegal possession of explosives.

The plea deal and sentencing comes after

Van Natta had been found competent to stand

trial by Judge VanDeHey in a competency

hearing last month.


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