The Lower Wisconsin Riverway Board

has asked that an application to establish

a frac sand mine in the Town of Bridgeport

be voluntarily withdrawn. The 200 acre

sand mine would be partially in the

Lower Wisconsin Riverway in Crawford


The Riverway Board’s request is based

on a recommendation from the Riverway

Board Executive Committee. The committee

says the proposal should be withdrawn,

because nonmetallic mining on the scale

proposed, is not compatible with the goals

and objectives of the Riverway.

Riverway law requires nonmetallic

mining activities to avoid visual disturbance

when viewed from the river during leaf-on

conditions. The mining company…

the Pattison Sand Company of Clayton,

Iowa…has told the board it would comply

with the applicable regulations, and that

there would be no visual impact.

No timetable for action on the permit

applications has been set by the Riverway

Board, pending a response from the

applicants on the request to withdraw the

the proposal. A letter to withdraw has been

sent to Pattison Sand Company, and the

four landowners where the mine would be

established. The Riverway Board has also

asked Executive Director Mark Cupp to

ask for help from the Wisconsin Department

of Natural Resources for computer

modeling or imaging of the potential

visual impacts from the mine.


According to a press release from the

Lower Wisconsin Riverway Board,

public comments received by the board on

proposed sand mine have been

overwhelmingly in opposition to the frac

sand mine concept. Concerns have been

cited about air quality, surface water and

groundwater pollution, noise, impact on

eagles and other wildlife, and the potential

disturbance of wetlands, archeological sites,

and the overall natural character of the

of the Riverway.


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