Businesses in the historic Wright Block

in downtown Lancaster have been open

for several weeks, but the Lancaster

Chamber of Commerce held the official

ribbon-cutting ceremony for the building

on Thursday (10/24).

Renovations to the Wright Block have

been backed financially by three local

residents and business owners,

Bruce Fritz, Bob Schmidt and Ted Schacht.

They formed “The Wright Thing to Do,

L L C.”

Fritz says the renovation to the Wright

Block makes sense from a standpoint of

historic preservation.

Schacht’s family has owned Eastman-

Cartwright in Lancaster for 94-years.

While a part of the Wright Block had

to be torn down as part of the project,

Schacht says much of the building

was still in stable condition despite

being vacant for several years.


Schmidt adds the three went together on

the project, because of the need for

economic development in downtown


Fritz agrees. He says combined with

the core group of business downtown

and in the rest of the city, it helps to

make Lancaster a place to grow.


The Wright Block includes two

new businesses, the Blue Boy Bakery

and Cruisin Kids, and is the new

location for Applied Micro.

It’s located across from

Walker’s Clothing in shoes at

the corner of North Madison

and East Maple Street in Lancaster.

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