A woman from Platteville has plead guilty in Grant County Court to a charge of theft from a business setting greater than $10,000. Rachel E. Martin entered that plea during a plea and sentencing hearing held Monday (7/7) ┬ábefore Judge Robert VanDeHey. Judge VanDeHey then sentenced Martin to 18-months in jail and 18-months extended supervision. But he then stayed that sentence, and placed Martin on three-years probation. Conditions of the probation include four-months in the Grant County Jail. She must report on August 8th. Judge VanDeHey also ordered Martin to pay just over $8,800 in restitution. Martin has already paid back just over $11,000. Martin plead guilty to taking money from the Grant Regional Health Center in Lancaster while she worked as the hospital’s Business Manager. She held the position for just over three-years. Police say their investigation found over 400 incidents of theft from the hospital by Martin.


This story is a correction of what aired on WGLR/WPVL on Tuesday. We apologize for the error.