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It looks like the Grant County Highway

Department will be moving its’ garage and

salt shed in Platteville, outside the city.

A tentative agreement has been reached by the

Grant County Highway Committee with Bill Meis.

Highway Commissioner Dave Lambert says

the county would buy just over four acres

from Meis. It’s just north of “My Tires”

Auto Repair and Tire Sales, along County

Highway-D. The land is south of the city.

Lambert says a couple of issues have to be

resolved, but he thinks the sale will be

finalized by the end of this month.

It’s hoped that the property will be graded.

the retention pond built, and a fence and salt

shed put up by this Fall. A truck

shed is also planned. Cost of the project

including land acquisition is just over

$500,000. Lambert says Meis would be paid

$25,000 an acre for the land.

Lambert says the county will be selling the

current county highway facility in Platteville.

And he says the county has outgrown the

location, which is on the city’s north side

behind Jeff’s Mini-Mart.