The Platteville School District had about

a month-and-a-half without a full week

of school, from mid-December to early

February. That’s a product of the severe

Winter that’s been a part of the 2013-2014

school year. Despite five days in which

school was cancelled, three late starts and

two early release days, students will only

have to make-up one day of school.

The Platteville School Board learned on

Monday, that’ll be Friday, April 11th. It

had been scheduled as an in-service day

for teaching staff. Two other make-up days

this Spring will be for the teaching staff,

and students won’t have to go to school on

those days. Of course, more cancellations

could change this picture. And by the way,

don’t just blame the cold. Platteville students

also had an early release day at the beginning

of the school year…because it was too hot.

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