The Platteville School Board will continue

its’ use of portable computer devices in

the classroom, and start to cut back on the

number of traditional computer labs in

the district schools. The board has approved

a five-year technology plan for the district

that calls for that change.

Superintendent Connie Valenza says the

plan is more of a vision for the schools.

It doesn’t include the approval of any

additional funding to initiate the plan.

Over the past 20-years, the Platteville schools

have spent an average of just over $150,000

a year on technology for the classroom.

The plan approved by the school board

would keep the district near that spending

level, and no money would come from the

district fund balance. It was used to

begin the One-to-One Initiative, which

started this year. The district provided

iPads to students in the 7th, 8th and

9th grades.

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