Recommendations from a museum

task force on the Rollo Jamison

and Mining Museum in Platteville

have been accepted by the Platteville

Common Council this week…but

not adopted. The task force presented

seven ideas about ways to reduce

museum’s dependency on city tax

dollars. The City of Platteville gives

the museum $250,000 a year for

staff and operating costs.

The task force has recommended a

five-year plan. It would phase-out

$150,000 in tax dollars for museum.

It would also establish other fund

raising sources. Council member

Patrice Steiner served on the museum

task force.


But the President of the Museum

Association, Eric Fatzinger, says

just making the museum a new,

non-profit group won’t be easy.


The Platteville Common Council

will next form a working group.

It’ll begin to look at ways to

implement the proposals from

the task force.

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