The Lancaster Common Council has

renewed the agreement for the Schreiner

Memorial Library to provide library

services for the Potosi Branch Library.

The two-year agreement features

just a few changes from the previous

one. Length of the agreement is the

first change, as the last agreement was

for three-years. The cost has also been

increased. The Village of Potosi will

pay the Schreiner Memorial Library

Board just over $24,000 per year

for services. The previous cost was

$2,000 less.

And the new agreement calls for

the Library Board to pay 45-percent

of the county revenue paid to the

Schreiner Memorial Library by

Grant County, for non-resident

borrowing from the Village of

Potosi, the Village of Tennyson and

the Town of Potosi. Under the previous

agreement, the Library Board paid

50-percent of the county revenue.

The agreement covers 2015 and 2016.

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