The wave of the future in education is coming to

the Platteville School District this Fall.

A pilot group made-up of students in the 7th,

8th and 9th grades will take part in the district’s

implementation of the 1-to-1 program. Already

used by hundreds of school districts across the

country, the 1-to-1 program will put iPad tablet

computers in students’ hands. The computers

will be used as tools in the classrooms, but they

are also the students’ responsibility for the year.

That means the students can take them home too.

One of the reasons given to start the program

is the lack of access students have now with

limited time in shared computer labs.

Staff in the Platteville Schools have told the

School Board that adding more technology

into daily learning, will better advance students.

That is, as they grow in a technology-heavy

society. But Superintendent Connie Valenza

told the board it’ll be up to the teachers to

provide information to be able to assess the

effectiveness of the 1-to-1 program.


Starting the program will be the district’s

biggest expense. The Platteville School Board

has voted unanimously to spend $200,000

of the district’s fund balance to start the

program. Additional costs…estimated at

around $40,000…which will be covered

by the school’s operating budget.

And money budgeted now for outdated

technology will get shifted to cover upgrades

in technology, as old equipment isn’t replaced.


There are about 340 students in the 7th, 8th

and 9th grades in Platteville who make up

the pilot group. Each student will receive an

iPad. The Platteville School District’s plan

is to expand the program by one class each year,

eventually going through each high school class

and down to the 6th grade.


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