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Doug Wagen’s Bio:

Hometown:  Germantown, WI. (The one in Washington County).
Doug’s Email: dwagen@queenbradio.com


  • My great family and three fantastic kids, the best looking wife in the world (was she nuts to marry me), and doing play-by-play of sports. I just learned to enjoy gathering and writing news because I had to do it to stay in broadcasting. Of course there’s the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Milwaukee Bucks. I’m really not a Wisconsin Badger fan, since while I was growing up they were always getting stomped in every sport. However, I am a backer of Wisconsin Badger mens’ basketball coach Bo Ryan. I think what he has done with a basketball program that was never even thought of as a contender, any time, in mens’ basketball, is just short of amazing. I hope he takes Wisconsin to the Final Four,sometime in the next couple of years. By the way, I should also tell you I’m a big Marquette fan, being a Milwaukee area native.
  • Food: Sauerkraut and apple sauce. Gross !!! Actually, I don’t eat food. I use the food snythesizers from Star Trek for my dinners.
  • Movies: I’m a big Harrison Ford fan, including Indiana Jones and the Jack Ryan series. One of the first movies my parents took me to was the war movie, “The Battle of the Bulge.” So you’ll find me on my free time watching a lot of war movies, but also reading about military history. I’m even named after a famous general, Douglas MacArthur.
  • TV: You won’t find me watching a lot of the current television shows. I’ve watched less then a half-hour of American Idol. It’s mainly because I’m asleep when the shows are on, having to get up at 3:00 am to do the news. I do like shows from the 60s including Green Acres, Hawaii Five-O,Star Trek and Wild, Wild, West. Of course we can’t forget Bugs Bunny and The Three Stooges. Two of may favorite lines come from those two programs. “Hey laughing boy,” and “You know, fish is great brain food. Then you should eat a whale.” As you know, a whale is not a fish.
  • Pet Peeves:
  • Quote: “If you dream it, you can achieve it.”