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With Julie Jacobs


Julie Jacobs’ Bio

Hometown: Janesville, Wisconsin (Go Parker Vikings!)
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  • My adoring husband who really does like country music; Our hilarious son, Kieran, who is 5 and our sassy girl Cora who is 2; our german shepherd Toby, and kitties Bella and Murphy; camping; watching the Green Bay Packers; NASCAR (go Matt Kenseth!!); visiting with friends and family; grilling out; cooking and baking; traveling; visiting historic sites and museums (I am a history nut!)
  • Food: We try to eat pretty healthy in our household, but I love Italian, Mexican, and cherry cheesecake! I enjoy a good gyro too, and of course pizza. With the cold weather here, I use my crock pot a lot, as you all should know!
  • Movies: Just about anything with Tom Cruise in it; Disney movies (The Little Mermaid is my all time fave, although Frozen is a very close second now!); classic 80’s movies like “Pretty in Pink”; romantic comedies, thrillers (but NOT horror films, ACK!); and of course, historical movies like Glory, The Patriot, etc.
  • TV:  Downton Abbey! Ghost Hunters on Sy-Fy; House of Cards; GLEE; Love It or List It; House Hunters; Deadliest Catch; American Pickers; Antiques Roadshow; Celebrity Apprentice; The Voice; and I still occasionally watch a few soaps, Young & The Restless and Days of Our Lives. And I admit it, I love Little House on the Prairie. I have seen every episode at least 75 times, no kidding.
  • Pet Peeves: People who pull out in front of me on the highway when there is NOBODY behind me!! And especially when they don’t get up to speed when doing so! GGRRRR!
  • Quote: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Julie’s Links:

“Julie’s Crock of the Week”

archived recipes from 2011-2014

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