A proposal to install playground

equipment at Foxmoor Park on

Fennimore’s south side has the backing

of the Fennimore Common Council.

But it won’t be receiving taxpayer

dollars to pay for it.

The Fennimore Common Council has

approved a motion that allows playground

equipment to be installed in the park.

But in that motion, the council also

says money for the equipment and

its’ installation, has to come from

private donations.

If you recall, the city was looking at

installing playground equipment that was

donated by Hardee’s Restaurant in

the park. But it turns out that equipment

is not accessible to the handicapped, and

could not be installed. By the way,

the cost to refurbish it is around $8.000.

Depending on the size of the playground

unit you have installed, it can get pretty

expensive. Fennimore City Clerk

Margaret Sprague says the city paid

$25,000 for playground equipment that

was installed in 2011 in Arborvitae Park.


By the way, the City of Monroe had

playground equipment paid for at Lincoln Park

this year, through the National Football

League’s Play-60 initiative.

Players from the Green Bay Packers along

with volunteers put the final touches on

the playground during the team’s recent

Tailgate Tour.

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