No one has been injured after fire

destroyed a house and two vehicles

on Five Points Road in the Town of

Beetown, early Friday. The house is

located just south of Highway-35.

Lancaster Fire Chief Steve Braun says

Lancaster Fire and E M S were dispatched

to the home, shortly after 5:00 am,

Braun says when they got to the scene,

the building was fully engulfed in flames.

One person was home at the time of the

fire. Braun says a woman was asleep and

she was awakened by sounds coming from

the garage. When she discovered it was

a quickly spreading fire, she pushed a

screen out of a bedroom window to climb

to safety.

Braun says the preliminary investigation

shows the fire likely started in the garage,

and then spread quickly to the rest of the



Lancaster firefighters were helped at the

scene by fire crews from Cassville and

Bloomington, along with Scenic Rivers

Energy Cooperative.

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