The Lafayette County District Attorney’s

Office and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s

Department say no charges will be

filed in the death of Aaron Saalsaa of

Argyle back on March 31st.

According to Lafayette County Sheriff

Scott Pedley, autopsy results from the

Wisconsin Department of Pathology

and Laboratory Medicine at the

University of Wisconsin excludes the

presence of brain trauma to the head

of Aaron Saalsaa. The autopsy also

shows the bleeding in the brain of

Aaron Saalsaa at the time of his death,

was similar to that of a cerebral aneurysm.

In addition, the report describes a lack

of any physical evidence connecting

the fight on March 31st between Daniel

and Aaron Saalsaa with Aaron’s death.

Aaron Saalsaa had no facial injuries,

and the cause of the brain hemorrhage

he suffered is unknown.

The Sheriff’s Department Report shows

the two brothers got into a fight while

they were drunk, early on the morning

of March 31st. While their brother

Robert was trying to break-up the

fight between Aaron and Daniel,

Aaron fell. That caused Daniel and

Robert to fall on top of Aaron.

Aaron Saalsaa died shortly afterward


Sheriff Pedley calls the death of

Aaron Saalsaa tragic. But he says

there’s no factual, scientific, or legal

basis to conclude that his death was

the result of any criminal act.

That’s why no criminal charges

will be filed.

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