Three local lawmakers have prevented the cutting of money that’s going to be used to build a paved walking and biking trail between Platteville and Belmont.

State Representative Travis Tranel of Cuba City says through the cooperation and coordination of state and local government officials, the project will be able to retain its’ current funding.

Tranel credits State Representative Howard Marklein and State Senator Dale Schultz for helping him to get the right people together to prevent the trail funding from being cut.

The seven-mile project would serve as a connection between Platteville and Belmont on the Pecatonica State Trail. Construction is expected to get started in 2015, with completion in 2016. Tranel says he would like to see work actually get started on the trail.

When the trail is completed, it’ll connect downtown Platteville, the UW-P campus, and the Village of Belmont and will also be a link to the Pecatonica State Trail and the Cheese Country Trail.