The Upper Mississippi River

National Wildlife and Fish

Refuge will be hosting a

series of information sessions

about bald eagles and lead

exposure. The meetings

will share the results of

research demonstrating

the relationship between

lead ammunition and lead

exposure in eagles.

The first meeting will be

held next Tuesday, June

10th in Thomson, Illinois

at the Refuge Visitor

Center. The second

information session will

be held on Thursday,

June 12th at the Community

Center in Prairie du Chien.

It’ll get underway at 6:00 pm.

Additional information

sessions will be held in

Winona, Minnesota on

June 18th, and Onalaska

on June 19th.

After the presentation at

the meetings, you’ll have

a chance to make

recommendations and

suggestions on ways to

reduce the lead exposure

to bald eagles in the Refuge.

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