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Howard Marklein wants your vote.

Not now, but in November 2014.

That’s when the Republican from

Spring Green hopes to be the GOP

candidate for State Senate in the

17th District. That includes Grant,

Iowa, Lafayette and a portion of

Richland County.

Marklein is fully aware that an

experienced lawmaker…

Dale Schultz…currently represents

the 17th District.


Marklein says two big differences

between he and Senator Schultz,

are he supported both the mining bill

and Act-10, while Senator Schultz



Marklein also says he’s aware

of the high cost the campaign

will have for State Senate…

easily over $1-million.

He says he has received a lot of

support from people throughout

the State of Wisconsin, and

people who are aware of the

differences between he and

Senator Schultz.


This will also open up the

51st Assembly District seat

in the 2014 election, since

Marklein will not seek re-election

to that post.


If you want to find out more

about Howard Marklein and his

campaign for State Senate, go

to howardmarklein.com.


As for Senator Schultz, he’s

said he won’t decide if he’ll seek

re-election until early next year.