The Lower Wisconsin Riverway Board

has voted to deny permits that would’ve

allowed frac sand mining within the

boundaries of the Lower Wisconsin

Riverway. Despite a recommendation

from Riverway Board Executive Director

Mark Cupp to allow the permits with

certain restrictions, only two of the

eight board members supported the

proposed frac sand mine from the

Pattison Sand Company of Clayton,

Iowa. Voting in favor of allowing

the permits were Bob Carey of

Blue River and Gerald Dorscheid

of Arena. Each of the four permits

was voted on separately.

Just before the vote, Riverway

Board Chairman Don Greenwood

of Spring Green asked Cupp what

if any communication he has had

with Governor Scott Walker, and

if there’s been a directive or anything

perceived as a threat, regarding the

mining issue. Here’s Cupp’s response.



While the vote by the board prevents

a frac sand mine from being established

within the boundaries of the Lower

Wisconsin Riverway, it could still

be established on nearby property

in the Town of Bridgeport in

Crawford County. However, the

Crawford County Stewardship

Project and four Bridgeport Township

residents have filed suit, alleging

the frac sand mine violates zoning

laws. The mine is scheduled to open

in about a month.

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