A man from rural South Wayne will

appear in Lafayette County Court on

Monday on charges of animal neglect

and for failing to properly dispose of an

animal carcass. Those are the charges

against 55-year-old Sean C. Legault, 

after the Lafayette County Sheriff’s

Department seized 12 horses after an

investigation into allegations

of animal neglect. Sheriff Scott Pedley

says the feeding of the horses had been

monitored regularly since the initial

reports. In addition, Legault had been

directed to increase the feeds being

provided to the animals. But during

the last two days it was determined that

the horses continued to be lacking

adequate feed…and a veterinarian was

brought in and made the determination

that the animals are suffering from

neglect. While Sheriff’s Deptuies were

at the pasture, the carcass of a dead

horse was found. The pasture is along

Trotter Road in the Town of Wiota.

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