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It’s been a rough Winter, and a lot of

us are hoping it’ll end soon. School

delays, cancellations and early

releases have become expected.

In the Lancaster School District, there

have been seven days in which school

has been cancelled, no late starts, and

just one early release. But because the

district has gone over the number of

built-in snow days in the school calendar,

students will be go to school four

additional days in June.

According to District Administrator

Rob Wagner, the school year was

originally going to end on June 4th.

But because of the cancellations,

students in the Lancaster Schools

will have to go to school on June 5th

and 6th, and also on June 9th and 10th,

with the 10th being the last day of school.

That is, if there aren’t more cancellations.

Under Department of Public Instruction

guidelines, school districts have to

schedule 180-days, but must have a

minimum of 175-days of face-to-face

instruction between the teachers and