Local residents and students gathered

at Lancaster High School Monday to

celebrate and to say “thank you” to area

veterans, during the annual Veterans Day


Lancaster High School and Middle School

Principal Mark Uppena started the service.



The day included a tradition in Lancaster

for both Veterans and Memorial Day services,

recognizing a local resident as “the kid

from Lancaster” who served in the military.

It’s an effort to point out that faces you see

every day have contributed to preserve our

freedoms. Jim Reynolds was the Master

of Ceremonies.


That was Reynolds recognizing  Leo Stelpflug

of Lancaster, who was a forward observer for the

143rd Field Artillery Battalion during the

Korean War. Stelpflug was one of several

Americans who received a medal from the

government of South Korea for helping to

save their country during the Korean War.


Special recognition was also given to the

four World War II veterans in attendance

at today’s (Monday’s) ceremony.

They are Carl Edge, Donald Funk,

Cletus Sisley, and Todd Gillilan.



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