??? Have you hit the so-called panic

button while at home or at work

recently ??? While it may be a phrase

that you use to describe a tense situation,

some local schools are having an actual

panic button installed to increase

school safety. One of those is the

Lancaster School District.

District Administrator Rob Wagner.

Wagner says the panic buttons will

be activated with the new school year.

They cost $3,500 to install, and the

work was done by the same vendor

who put in the door security systems

at the main entrances to each of the

district school buildings and the

administration office.

The hope is no one will accidentally hit

the panic button and cause false alert across

the school district.


Wagner says they’ll be working on the

final details of what to do if the button is

accidentally pressed.  The buttons are

placed in a location so they’re not easy

to accidentally bump or touch them.


Wagner says the goal is creating a

safe environment for staff and students.

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