The Lancaster School Board has approved

two new policies, dealing with alcohol

and drug possession and suspicion-based

testing of a student being under the influence.

The policies define the drugs that students are

prohibited from being under the influence of

at school, the penalities, and also defines

reasonable suspicion testing.

It also says a refusal by a student to take a drug

and alcohol test under the conditions of

reasonable suspicion, shall be considered a

positive test result or offense.

The same goes for the refusal of a student or

their parent to share results of a drug test,

that was mandated by school officials.

Drug tests will be considered confidential, and

won’t be released to law enforcement officials

without a court order or subponena. That is,

unless law requires disclosure of the


The policies also require school administration

to have training every year in drug and alcohol

use and abuse recognition.

Lancaster High School and Middle School

Principal Mark Uppena says it’s

all about making the Lancaster schools a safer

place for students. The Lancaster School Board

approved both policies on a unanimous vote.

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