A grant from the Lancaster Community

Foundation has made it possible for you

to get rid of your old prescription drugs

and over-the-counter medicines,

24-hours a day, seven days a week.

That’s because the Lancaster Police

Department was recently able to buy a

drop off box for old or unused medications.

Sergeant Deb Reukauf with the Lancaster

Police says it makes it easier for local

residents, rather than having them

wait for the next drug round-up event.


Reukauf tells us what you can and

cannot drop-off.


They also will not take thermometers,

aerosol cans and hydrogen peroxide.

 Also, you should drop  off pills in

in the original containers, or seal

the pills in a ziploc baggie and then

drop them in the box.

The Police Department says Hartig Drug

in Lancaster can shred any prescription

drug bottles that you have.


Sergeant Reukauf says the Police Department

wants to thank the Lancaster Community

Foundation for the $1,000 grant to buy the

prescription drug, drop off box. It’s located

in the lobby of the Police Department.


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