Several changes have been proposed in the

green fees and rates charged at the Lancaster

Municipal Golf Course for next year.

The daily rate for nine-holes would be dropped

from $17 on weekdays, to $14, while the weekday

rate to play 18-holes would be dropped from

$25 to $22. A new twilight rate is proposed

for weekdays after 5:30 pm. It would be $11

and would not include league play.

Meanwhile, weekend rates would be the same

as this year. To play nine-holes it would be

$17, to play 18-holes it would be $25.

However, a new proposal for the weekends

would be the green fees after 2:30 pm.

For nine-holes the cost would be $14, for

18-holes $22. And a proposed twilight

weekend fee would be $11 to play golf,

after 5:30 pm.

The Lancaster Municipal Golf Course

would also continue to offer the Early

Bird Special next year. Monday through

Friday you can play 18-holes with a cart

for $25. Green fees for high school-aged

students and younger would also be dropped

for both nine and 18-holes next year.


The rates have been recommended for

for approval by the Lancaster Common

Council at its’ December meeting, so

they are subject to change.


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