The Lancaster Common Council has

approved pay raises for next year

for unionized city workers and

for full-time, non-represented city


Unionized city employees are

represented by AFSCME, the American

Federation of State, County, and Municipal


Among the union city employees,

the lead street worker and the

mechanic maintenance worker

number-two will both receive a 4%

pay increase.

Meanwhile, the utility clerk will

receive a 3% pay hike. The remaining

nine, unionized city employees will get

pay increases of 2%. They work in the

Streets and Parks Department and for

the Water and Wastewater Utilities.

As for non-represented city employees,

the Lancaster Common Council has

approved pay increases for Police Chief

Steve Zabel of 4.5%, for Police Sergeant

Deb Reukauf, 5%, and for City Clerk

Dave Kurihara 3%.

Zabel will now make just under $69,000

a year, Reukauf $53,000, and Kurihara

just under $65,000. The pay raises are

effective January 1st, and were approved

last night on a unanimous vote by the

Lancaster Common Council, after a

closed session.

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