While pay raises for city employees for

next year were the most noticeable action

by the Lancaster Common Council Monday

night, the council also made changes to

the Employee Manual.

At issue, how much time off should city

employees get per year. Two motions

were considered. One that would’ve cut

time off to 15-days per year failed to gain

approval on a vote of 6-2.

The second motion that caps the most

vacation time a city employee can have

at 20-days, after 20-years of service, was

approved on a vote of 5-to-3. Current

city employees who’ve already worked

20-years would be grandfathered-in under

the previous vacation policy.


Of concern to the council was that combined

with sick days, some city employees could

work less than 100-days a year.


Eliminated from the Employee Manual is

the entire section on smoking, since it has

been banned in public places and

workplaces in the State of Wisconsin.


The Lancaster Common Council didn’t

approve the entire Employee Manual

with its’ changes. That’s because council

members wanted specific changes to be

highlighted…so they knew what they

would be voting on. More than likely

it’ll be considered next month.

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