The Grant County District Attorney will

be asked to file eight charges against a

man who went on a four-county crime

rampage on Tuesday (9/10).

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department

will ask that charges of kidnapping, reckless

endangerment and robbery be filed against

James Kruger, while Cassville Police

will ask that charges of attempted homicide,

robbery, being a felon in possession of a

firearm and criminal damage to property

be filed against him. Platteville Police

will include a charge of eluding police.

Authorities say Kruger’s day started in

Platteville where just before 4:00 am,

police tried to stop him for going the wrong

way down a one-way street. But Kruger

sped away before he could be stopped.

About three hours later, Kruger turned-up

at a relative’s house in Cassville.

Grant County Chief Deputy, Jack Johnson.



After leaving his Uncle’s home, Kruger

went to another home outside of Cassville.

About four hours later he took a man

hostage at gunpoint, threatening to kill

the man if his wife called authorities.

He also took the man’s truck and trailer

with a cow still in the trailer.

Kruger later tried to buy a vehicle in

Mount Ida, and then hit an unattended

vehicle in Fennimore with the trailer.

He then drove to Dodgeville where the

hostage escaped by locking himself

inside a store. That’s when Kruger drove

to Hollandale where he stole another

vehicle, then crashed it near Blue Mounds

on Highway-18-151 while being chased

by authorities.


In addition to the charges in Grant County,

Kruger could also face seven felony charges

in Iowa County. That would include knowingly

fleeing an officer, reckless endangerment,

vehicle theft, being a felon in possession of a

firearm, theft, false imprisonment and bomb

scare, carrying a concealed weapon, and

operating while under the influence of drugs.

He’s being held in the Iowa County Jail on

$500,000 cash bond. His next court appearance

is set for October 8th at 9:00 am.

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