Three juveniles have been referred

to Grant County Social Services for

charges and restitution, after causing

over $4,000 in damage to the roof at

Lancaster High School.

Lancaster Police say they were patrolling

the area by Lancaster High School

and Middle School late last Tuesday.

That’s when two officers noticed three

bicycles parked next to the school

without anyone around. As the officers

started checking the area, they found

one of the juveniles on the roof of the

high school, while two others were

found jumping off the school.

After police talked with the three,

they admitted they had stolen some

tools and equipment that were being

used by a contractor on a roofing project.

The tools and equipment are worth

nearly $1,000.

They also admitted to causing just

over $4.000 in damage to the roof

the night before. Police also say

that as part of their investigation,

they found cigarettes and marijuana.


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