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Got a job ???

Apparently more people do in southwest

Wisconsin, as the May unemployment

rate in all 12 Wisconsin metro areas

went down. That includes many rural

areas. In Grant County, the jobless rate

went from 6.1% in April, to 5.7% last

month. That’s slightly higher than

the unemployment rate one-year ago in

the county, when it was 5.5%.


Iowa County had the biggest drop

in its’ unemployment rate last month.

It went from 7.6% in April, to 5.8% in May.

Other jobless rates in southwest

Wisconsin show an improving job


In Lafayette County unemployment

went from 6.1% to 5.4%, in Crawford

County from 8.1% to 7%, and Richland

County from 6.5% to 5.8%.

Lafayette County’s jobless rate is the

eighth lowest in the State of Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s

office is touting the economic

growth. It says the private sector job

gains in Wisconsin are the best in the

past two-years under any governor in

over a decade.

It also says the state created more

manufacturing jobs in the last two years

than in either of the last two governor’s




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