A man from Argyle who helped his

brother set fire to his house to

kill his family, has beeen

sentenced to life in prison.

Green County Judge Thomas Vale

ordered that sentence Thursday (8/22)

for 19-year-old Jeremy Wand.

Judge Vale has also ordered that Wand

be eligible for parole in 35-years.

Earlier, Judge Vale had rejected

Wand’s request to withdraw his

guilty plea, and that he should be allowed

to have a trial. Wand thought he should be

able to change his plea because his

sister-in-law Sharon Wand had

changed her story about the night

of the fire.

Jeremy Wand admitted to helping

Armin Wand III set fire to the house.

Armin had told Jeremy he would give

him $300 from a life insurance policy

if he helped him set the fire.

The fire killed Jeremy’s three

nephews, and the unborn child

Sharon Wand was carrying.

Armin Wand III was sentenced

in April to three consecutive life

sentences without parole in

connection with the fatal fire last


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