A teen from Lancaster who was driving

the car last November that crashed and

resulted in the death of a fellow high school

student, has been found guilty on three

different charges in Grant County Court.

Seventeen-year-old Morgan Hoehne was

found guilty by Judge Robert VanDeHey,

after she entered a no contest plea to two

felony charges of reckless driving causing

great bodily harm, and a misdemeanor

charge of reckless driving causing bodily

harm. Judge VanDeHey has ordered Hoehne

to serve three-years probation, and to perform

80-hours of community service for each

year of probation…for a total of 240-hours.

District Attorney Lisa Riniker argued for

Hoehne to serve time in jail.

Judge VanDeHey has also ruled that Hoehne

has the opportunity for expungment if she

doesn’t violate the terms of her probation.

Hoehne was sentenced last Friday (9/6).


Authorities say Hoehne was driving a car

on Liberty Ridge Road last November 21st.

The car crashed and killed 15-year-old

Mikayla Hore of Lancaster. Three other

passengers in the car were injured,

Jena Hore, Nate Tranel and Kindra Yoose.

Investigators say the car was going between

89-and-92-miles an hour when the crash



Charges in juvenile court against Hoehne

pertaining to the accident were prosecuted

in closed session.

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