The Village of Hazel Green will be

needing a new Chief of Police.

That’s because Brian Klein has

resigned from his job, effective

next Monday (9/30). The Hazel

Green Village Board has approved

a resignation agreement with Klein.

It was approved on a 5-0 vote at

a special meeting held last night

(Thursday night). Klein has

signed the agreement.

Under the agreement, Klein will

continue to be paid by the village

through the end of this year.

He’ll also be paid for unused

vacation time, and if he files for

unemployment benefits it won’t

be contested by the village.

The resignation agreement will

also not be placed in Klein’s

personnel file with the village,

but both Klein and the village

acknowledge that it’s  a public

record. In addition, the agreement

shall not be an admission by either

party doing something wrong

toward the other.


Klein had recently taken a paid

leave of absence from his job.

Village Attorney Eileen Brownlee

wouldn’t say why Klein had taken

a leave of absence.

She did say the duties of the

Chief of Police were being handled

within the department. Hazel Green

has another full-time officer and

one part-time officer.

No steps were taken by the Hazel Green

Village Board last night (Thursday

night) toward hiring a new Chief

of Police.

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