The nine-day, gun-deer hunting

season is underway in Wisconsin,

and some 650,000 hunters

are expected to hit the woods and fields

throughout the state. As always, the

Wisconsin Department of Natural

Resources wants you to keep safety in

mind. That’s not only with your gun

but also concerning tree stands.

D N R Conservation Warden Rick De Witte.


De Witte says you should check your tree

stand before using it to ensure its’ safety.

Along with tree stand safety, the usual

safety reminders are being given to hunters.

Wear blaze orange and TAB-K, the four

basic rules of firearm safety.

Treat every gun as if it were loaded,

always point your firearm in a safe

direction, be sure of your target and

what’s beyond it, and keep your finger

out of the trigger guard and off the trigger

until you’re ready to shoot.

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