A former firefighter from Darlington who

was recently convicted of stealing money

from the fire departments checking account,

will do jail time.

Specific information about the jail sentence

ordered by Judge Thomas Vale for Jon Grossen

wasn’t listed on-line. But according to Darlington

Police Chief Jason King, Grossen has been

sentenced to a six-year deferred prosecution

agreement for pleading guilty to a charge of

theft from a business setting in excess of

$10,000. As part of that sentence, Grossen

has to pay over $45,000 in restitution to

the fire department. For pleading guilty to

a charge of misdemeanor theft, Grossen

has been sentenced to three-years probation.

And for pleading guilty to two counts of

forgery, Judge Vale has ordered Grossen to

serve six-months in the Lafayette County Jail.

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