A former Darlington volunteer firefighter

has pled guilty in Lafayette County Court

to charges of theft and forgery.

Jon Grossen pled guilty last Thursday (8/29)

to a felony charge of theft of more than

$10,000 from a business setting, and

a misdemeanor charge of  theft of moveable

property of less than $2,500. He also

pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges

of forgery.

Green County Judge Thomas Vale has ordered

restitution of just over $47,000. Jail time has also

been ordered, but the specific amount of time

isn’t listed yet at

Grossen was accused last July of stealing

close to $55,000 from the Darlington Volunteer

Fire Department, while he served as the

Treasurer for the department. Darlington

Police say it was after Grossen wasn’t

re-elected to the position that suspicious

withdrawals from the fire department account

were noticed. All told, police say Grossen

made 66 unauthorized withdrawals in the

three-years he was Treasurer. He was also

accused of stealing a $7,000 check from the

Darlington Fire Commission. But police say

that check was recovered and re-deposited

into its’ proper account.

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