Visitors escaping to Wisconsin last

year spent just over $10.5-billion.

That’s according to the Economic

Impact Report released last Friday,

by the Wisconsin Department of


In Grant County, visitor spending

increased just over 6%, to $42.5-million.

It was at $40-million in 2011.

In addition, the report shows

tourism resulted in 900 jobs in

Grant County last year, an increase

of almost 2% from 2011.

Tourism also generated just over

$5-million in state and local tax

revenue in Grant County.


Here are the visitor spending

numbers from other counties in

southwest Wisconsin.


Crawford County:

$39.1-million, up 5.1% from 2011.

Iowa County:

$31.3-million,  up 5.7% from 2011.

Richland County:

$17.4-million, up 3.6% from 2011.

Lafayette County:

$12.2-million, up 3.6% from 2011.


The Economic Impact Report shows

tourism was responsible for just over

2,500 jobs in the five-county region,

last year.

The Platteville Chamber of Commerce

will celebrate National Tourism Week

this week, with an Open House and

Celebration at the Chamber office

on Wednesday.

Platteville Chamber of Commerce

Director, Kathy Kopp.

A special program celebrating

National Tourism Week will be

held at 5:15 pm.





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